Sabeen Sheikh

Sabeen Sheikh was born in London and lived all around the UK before moving to Pakistan as a curious ten year old with a big appetite! She lived in a large, noisy house in Lahore with her parents, siblings, grandparents, four uncles and aunts, and two cousins. It was here that she spent summer mornings peeling mangos with her grandmother to make sherbets and achaars, and winter afternoons with the whole family around a chai trolley.

Now, having made Seattle her home, Sabeen spends her day as an attorney in tech, and her evenings creating new dishes and finding comfort in the familiarity of childhood favorites. Cooking allows Sabeen to connect the dots of her own heritage and bring people together to share stories and flavors from South Asia. She is her happiest and most creative self around a table with old friends and new, sharing food and all the feelings it evokes.

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