The Pantry

Here at the Pantry, we call ourselves a community kitchen. For us, that means we do many things: cooking classes focusing on traditional food crafts and technique, five-course family-style dinners, culinary camp for the kids, power lunches for makers, food swaps, and cookbook club potluck suppers. Basically anything we can think of to get our neighbors around the table, breaking bread and building community.

We are excited to swing open our doors and gather again this fall! Until then we are taking a summer break and there will be no public classes during the months of July and August – we’ll be taking the time to reset, recharge and get ready to welcome you back to class.

This August we will be opening our kitchens for private events, where we can start with smaller groups, with the windows wide open to the summer air. So if you’re missing us as much as we’re missing you, then send us an email, and gather your friends for a private class just for you! 

And, while we will be slowing down this summer we won’t be taking it completely off. We’re beyond thrilled to announce our first ever PANTRY PICNICS, available for all your outdoor explorations all season long. Our chefs have created dream picnics inspired by our favorite places: the forests, fields, coasts, and farms we like to escape to every summer. Each picnic comes with two drinks, a canvas tote bag, a sketch pad and pencil, and a map of our favorite picnic spots for each week’s theme.