Knife Sharpening with Valley Sharp

The Pantry is thrilled to partner with Valley Sharp to offer monthly knife sharpening services.

Our next Knife Sharpening day will be June 17th, from 10am to 4pm. To sign up, send an email to and reserve an appointment for same-day sharpening, or to schedule your drop-off. Up to 3 knives can be sharpened in half an hour, and as many knives as you want can be dropped off and securely shipped back to your door, insured with tracking. Standard sharpening is done by hand on both synthetic and natural Japanese water stones and leather straps, preserving the temper of the steel and removing as little material as possible.

Standard knives: $2 inch ($12 minimum)

Shipping is typically less than $15 for a bundle of knives and they will be returned to your door within a week.

Valley Sharp is owned by Darin Gagner, a 25-year veteran of restaurant kitchens who also teaches Knife Sharpening, Knife Skills, and culinary classes at the Pantry.