Marianna grew up on a fruit orchard in central Washington and was spoiled by eating fresh apples from the trees and being surrounded by great home cooks. Her first big pastry memory is making a Lane cake for her ninth-grade English class — bourbon and all. That should have been an indication that her road would eventually lead to pastry, but there would still be several years before the notion would even arise in her head.

After earning a degree in English and Creative Writing from Seattle University Marianna did what most English majors do… nothing at all to do with their degree. After spending years in retail and then managing a veterinary clinic, Marianna started her cooking education by assisting for classes at a national cooking chain. Energized by a kidney transplant in 2013, Marianna decided to enter the restaurant world full-time, and immersed herself completely in learning everything she could about baking and pastry, landing her first pastry chef job in 2015.

Since then she can be found either making pastries for others or teaching them how to make them on their own. Either way, she’s likely to be found covered with flour (and all the happier for it). When she’s not in the kitchen Marianna is an avid bookworm, loves to travel, and spends her time taking way too many photos of Bowie, her corgi.