Adrienne Kahan

Adrienne Kahan grew up in Seattle, exploring the woods and searching for the best $5 meal in the International District. When the rain became too much for her, she followed her Canadian roots back to Montreal, where she lived happily going to university in the snow — and happily celebrating Thanksgiving twice a year, once with her Canadian friends and then again with the Americans — until she was called to travel further abroad in search of places where people could eat outside for more than three months of the year.

Now, back in Seattle, Adrienne has found her vocation studying what makes people happy in this complicated world: attempting to improve our experience with Seattle’s transit system, working among plants and people on small farms, and learning alongside friends in the kitchen. When she’s not at the Pantry, helping us keep our cats herded and our ducks in a row, you can find her on a trail searching for the best river spot, at home simmering a pot of beans, or on her yoga mat.

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