Anna Wallace

Anna Wallace was raised as a true-blue Seattleite with a country-mouse penchant for climbing trees and scraping knees. The school year meant exploring the cityscapes and coastlines of western Washington, and summers were for exploring with family east of the mountains — thriving in the farmlands, forests, and mountainsides of Cle Elum. Her deep love of food and beverage didn’t truly resonate until a fateful stint hosting at a neighborhood café at the ripe old age of nineteen, but the bond was strong and instantaneous.

Since then, Anna has contributed to the growth of modern cocktail culture through bar management, beverage direction, and consultation. Her cocktails have appeared on the menus of places like The Walrus and Carpenter and the Rob Roy (née Viceroy), she’s been published in Imbibe, Bon Appetit, and Cherry Bombe, and her micro craft-soda operation, Seattle Seltzer Co., is a favorite in Seattle and beyond.

Anna is passionately versed both in antiquated methods of craft cocktail development and in the modern techniques of the contemporary cocktail world. She’s traveled the world in pursuit of more profound knowledge regarding brewing, distilling, carbonation, fermentation, and viticulture. And, since 2012, she’s shared her knowledge and enthusiasm with cocktail and bartending students here at the Pantry!

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