Korean Banchan and Bibimbap

Duration: 3 hoursType: In-PersonPrice: $140

Bowls of fluffy rice with a crispy bottom layer all mixed together with an array of vegetables, proteins, a generous dollop of gochujang, and a yolky fried egg? All served with a wide spread of colorful side dishes? Count us in! These dishes were generally reserved for royalty, and Jee Hye Kang is here to teach us how to make traditional Korean bibimbap and banchan. In this class you’ll make dolsot bibimbap (돌솥비빔밥) and an assortment of banchan to serve alongside including braised tofu (두부조림), pajeon (파전), braised lotus root (연근조림), steamed egg (계란찜), soybean stew (된장찌개), and chilled barley tea (보리차).

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