Pamela Arriagada

Pamela Arriagada grew up next to Chile’s Atacama Desert, where her father worked at an observatory beneath the clearest skies on the planet. In a household often visited by astronomers from all over the world, she was exposed not only to science but to a vast diversity of foods.

She eventually pursued a doctorate in astronomy, but always felt drawn to cooking and baking, and every minute away from scientific research was spent learning in the kitchen. After ten years in academia, Pam found herself in Seattle, with an opportunity to explore professional baking at the much-loved Cafe Besalu.

Now she expresses her love of the science of baking at the Pantry, where she joins our roster of pastry instructors. Her classes explore the technical and nerdy side of baking — how ingredients interact, the results of using different equipment, the effects of time and temperature, and why different recipes produce different results. Science is about discovery, but it’s equally about sharing knowledge, and Pam is thrilled to share what she’s learned — both as a scientist and as a cook — with everyone at the Pantry.

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