Kelli grew up in Western Washington, where both sets of her grandparents had small farms. She learned from an early age the pleasures of eating peas straight from the vine, harvesting her own pumpkins, watching chicks hatch, and gathering eggs. She even brought home a pet rooster from school, and didn’t get in too much trouble. Kelli’s parents both worked, and meals were not elaborate affairs, but they made time to eat together as a family every night despite a hectic schedule.

After graduating from the University of Washington, Kelli truly found her love of food. She loves hosting dinner parties, having neighbors in her home, and gathering as many people as she can around her table and filling them with home-cooked meals (her love language). She is in three different culinary clubs, and tries to challenge herself with new techniques every day.

Throughout her career, Kelli has always enjoyed jobs that focus on building community. Now that she’s at the Pantry, where community and food meld together seamlessly, she believes she’s found her perfect job. When she’s not here, she’s at home, trying to cram as many friends as she can around her table for delicious food, or else exploring the Puget Sound by beach-combing, kayaking, and bobbing about on floaties.