Kausar Ahmed

Kausar Ahmed was born in the diverse, dynamic, crazy, fun city of Karachi, Pakistan, and was raised playing hockey, kickball, and pithu with two rowdy brothers. More importantly, she grew up around extremely strong women, with her grandmother at the head of the family.

It’s from her grandmother that Kausar learned the meaning of breaking bread with strangers from different communities, ethnicities and religions, sitting around a dining cloth laid out on the floor, listening to stories over kofta meatball curry and fresh roti.

It was Karachi, and in particular these family meals, that made Kausar curious about the way food can bring people together, and taught her that food can change lives, setting her on a path to teach and empower communities that lack access to culinary education. Now, in Seattle, she has continued to serve immigrants and refugees by teaching them cooking skills; and at the Pantry she is a passionate advocate for Pakistani cuisine.

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