Jessica Sherrow

Jessica Sherrow is a Seattle native, a former professional cook, and a self-taught baker, an activity that combines her love of cooking with the deep respect for microbes that she developed as a UW biology major. Jessica was one of the Pantry’s earliest employees before leaving us for London, where she developed the idea that would later become Pennyloaf Bread Co., the microbakery that she owns and operates out her home in West Seattle.

She now bakes dozens of loaves each week for friends, family, and neighbors, and having progressed mostly through trial and error, she understands the challenges faced by the home baker. We are over the moon to have her back in our kitchens, this time as an instructor teaching our sourdough classes! When she’s not here or in the Pennyloaf kitchen you can find her road-tripping, backpacking, gardening, or making kombucha or jam.

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