Esha Bhandarkar

Born and raised in Mumbai, India, Esha has a rich background in culinary exploration, thanks to her mother who encouraged her to discover ingredients and marry flavors from a very young age. While she spends her day as a product manager in tech, her evenings are spent developing recipes, feeding people and finding ways to expose folks to the rich culinary heritage of India, especially Southern Indian dishes and its many indigenous ingredients.

Passionate about storytelling, sharing the history behind the food she cooks is her way of sharing her culture with others, including her two young daughters. At the Pantry, she hopes to build community and excitement around the food she grew up eating. Her happy place is in her kitchen, strolling through farmers markets or behind a book, often with her dog Gatsby by her side. Her idea of fun includes sourcing different flavors of Lay's chips (ketchup, anyone?), traveling the world with her family, house plants and drinking Bourbon.

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