Code of Conduct

By purchasing a class, event or takeaway meal you are agreeing to our Code of Conduct as described below.

At the Pantry we treat each other with respect and dignity. This means that all students and employees are entitled to participate in an environment that is free of harassment, bullying and discrimination.

Harassment, bullying and discrimination take many forms, including:

• Unwelcome remarks, gestures or physical contact
• The display or circulation of offensive, derogatory or sexually explicit pictures or other materials, including by email and on the Internet
• Offensive or derogatory jokes or comments (explicit or by innuendo)
• Verbal or physical abuse or threats

We are committed to safe workspace for both our employees and students. As such, we reserve the right to remove a student or employee from the premises if there is reasonable suspicion to believe that there is a use of illegal drugs and/or alcohol that may adversely affect the employee’s job performance or the safety of the employee or students at the Pantry. Consumption of alcohol is not banned at the Pantry, but we expect that you will use good judgment and never drink in a way that leads to impaired performance or inappropriate behavior, endangers others or violates the law.

Consent, Waiver and Release of Liability

By purchasing a class, event or takeaway meal from the Pantry you are agreeing to the following waiver:

Staying Safe and Healthy:

You are responsible for informing the Pantry if you have any medical and/or food allergies; and avoiding any contact with such medical and/or food allergies. The Pantry may attempt, but cannot guarantee, to accommodate your allergies. It is your responsibility to prevent allergic reactions.

You should be dressed comfortably but with safety in mind. Flip-flops and open-toed shoes are not permitted in the kitchen. Do not wear loose clothing that could get caught in machinery or equipment. Jewelry should not be worn. You should wear hair clips or bands for long hair.

Consent Form, Assumption of Risk, Waiver and Release:

The class or classes I am registering to take with the Pantry are for the purpose of learning to cook, which involves preparing and cooking food. Like all cooking activities, certain risks and dangers arise, not all of which can be described herein, but may include, without limitation, cuts, scrapes, scratches, puncture wounds, thermal burns, chemical burns, scalds, injuries from using cooking equipment and instruments, eye injuries or irritation, skin irritations, allergic reactions, food poisoning, slips, falls, and choking. I have read the aforementioned risks and I am familiar with the nature of the classes and activities involved in the cooking classes. I understand and appreciate the inherent risks and the types of injuries that may occur as a result of my participation. I assert that my participation in the Pantry’s classes or activities is voluntary and I knowingly assume all risks associated therewith.

I understand that I am ultimately responsible for maintaining the quality of the food I prepare, cook and eat during any class or after any class, whether at the Pantry or at home via instruction of the Pantry. I alone am responsible for protecting myself against allergic reactions pertaining to food.

I understand that the audio and video from any online hosted classes may be recorded and that the Pantry is utilizing the recordings for their own purposes. However, the Pantry reserves the right to change their reason for collecting these recordings at any point in the future.

Further, in consideration of my ability to participate in a class or activity, I do hereby waive, release, indemnify and shall hold harmless the Pantry and its owners, members, managers, officers, directors, chefs, employees, attorneys, agents, and assigns (collectively, the “Released Parties”), from and against any and all demands, claims, losses, injury, damages, liability, attorney fees, costs, and/or expenses of litigation, in law or in equity, whether known or unknown, that have arisen or may arise from my participation in or attendance at any classes or activities provided by the Pantry, or from my use of any recipe, skill, technique, or method learned from the Pantry or in any of the Pantry’s classes or activities. Further, I promise not to sue any of the Released Parties for such demands, claims, or liability.