ONLINE: Gather For Gaza – A Fundraiser for UNRWA USA

Duration: 1½ hoursType: OnlinePrice: $40

Join Nadia Tommalieh for an online fundraiser benefiting refugee families in Gaza via the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA USA). Fatteh (or fattet) is an Arabic word that refers to bread that is broken and then steeped in a sauce or broth; it’s a layered dish of toasted bread, vegetables, meat and garlic infused tahini and yogurt sauce. Fatteh dish is beloved across the Arab world and is especially popular during the month of Ramadan. In this online class Nadia will teach you how to make two preparations of fattet betinjan (Eggplant Fatteh), one vegetarian and one with lamb or beef, as well as mhalabiyeh bi ma’ elzaher, a milk pudding dessert flavored with orange blossom water. 100% of proceeds will provide food assistance to refugee families in Gaza during the month of Ramadan.

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