Handmade Mochi Workshop

Duration: 3 hoursType: In-PersonPrice: $140

Mochi may seem like it’s having a moment – popping up at froyo shops and shrouding balls of ice cream at the grocery store – but the practice of pounding glutinous rice dates back to ancient China. And while the name mochi is Japanese, it’s a popular dessert across China, called no mai ci in Cantonese. In this class Elaine Sher will teach you her tips and tricks for making the perfect mochi. You’ll make traditional hung dau no mai ci (mochi with red bean paste), and a contemporary spin with zyu gu lik si do be lei no mai ci (chocolate mochi with fresh strawberries). On top of these, to celebrate Chinese New Year, you’ll make classic hak zi maa tong jyun (sweet rice dumplings with black sesame paste and ginger syrup).

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