Arab Street Food: Shawarma

Duration: 3½ hoursType: In-PersonPrice: $140

Across the Arab world, you’ll find variations on their most famous street food: shawarma. Traditionally cooked on a vertical spit that turns, shawarma is universally loved as a picnic spread, a main course, or an iconic street-food sandwich. In this class Nadia Tommalieh will show you everything you need to make shawarma wraps at home, starting with fresh-made saj bread. You’ll fill your warm bread with spiced and thinly sliced beef shawarma, tahini-based tarator sauce; batata harra (crispy cubed potatoes in a citrus cilantro sauce); avocado bil labaneh w za’atar (mashed avocado, jalapeno, yogurt, and Za’atar); and mkhalal left (pickled turnips).

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