Srisuda Dougherty

Srisuda Dougherty grew up in Thailand cooking with her mother. There were no recipe books, just knowledge passed down from generation to generation. Everything was made from scratch – they would build the fire, pound the curry paste, and shred fresh coconut to make coconut milk. They sampled and tasted, always looking for the most beautiful combination of flavors.

Srisuda got a degree in communications and worked in hotel public relations, but soon realized how much she loved cooking. She decided to quit her job, go back to school, and study Thai cooking at the Royal Palace in Bangkok. Later she traveled the country working with Thai artisans, and took the opportunity to learn from them about local ingredients and unique regional dishes. She now teaches Thai cooking and spreads her time between Seattle, Bangkok, Jakarta and Nairobi. Wherever she goes she enjoys adapting local ingredients for Thai cuisine.

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