Sean was born and raised in Massachusetts, but after college, on a whim, found himself in Athens, Georgia, working in a family-owned pub. No one’s glass was ever empty, conversations were always rich, and the warmth of family, however you define it, radiated. Evenings that no one ever wanted to end felt like they passed in the blink of an eye.

Eventually Sean made his way to Seattle, the city that taught him to care about the food he eats, the people who make it, and where it’s coming from. His thirst for knowledge grew and he became the type of server who was always asking the chefs and line cooks where the food was coming from and for detailed explanations on how it was prepared.

We think these twin obsessions — for the sense of community created by a shared meal, and for the stories and values contained within our food — make Sean a natural fit for what we do at the Pantry.