Renee Beaudoin grew up wandering through meadows and dreaming up what her next meal would be, so it is no surprise she ended up working with both food and flowers. Her path took a detour by way of the theater where she trained and worked as a costume designer in Boston. She was known equally for her visual design as well as her weekly theater brunches and annual giant orphan Thanksgiving, so food continued to be a thread that tied it all together.

Transitioning out of the stage and back to the wildness of the west coast, Renee spent two years out on the Olympic Peninsula in the heart of the forest, where one’s local grocery is the nearest farm stand and oysters are a cliffside descent away. There she developed her deep love for foraging, botany and fire-side cooking. Renee created a wild focused floral company, FOREST TO VASE and the woods & fields of the Pacific Northwest still play a vital role in her life.

At the Pantry, Renee runs our wildflower classes and field trips, leads our farm camp at Quillisascut, teaches both adult and kids culinary classes, manages our social media, and makes the tables beautiful for our monthly family suppers. She continues to style cookbook projects when they come her way, so her design skills are still in play, but like so many things in her life, are now focused around the table.