Born in Scotland, raised in Canada, Jennifer began her culinary journey at age 6, making breakfast in bed for her parents. She was a baking prodigy who was denied a prize in her Brownie troop’s baking contest because the judges couldn’t believe her seven-layer peaches and cream meringue cake could be the work of a child.

She studied food science and microbiology in college, worked as a researcher in molecular biology, and taught chemistry in Papua New Guinea. There she found her passion for adventure, spending all her free time exploring and scuba diving. She went on to see the world while working as a scuba instructor, cave diver, and underwater photographer before finding her way to pastry. She now lives in Oakland, California, where she works as a culinary instructor teaching both professional and amateur cooks. She loves anything to do with food – cooking, gardening, recipe development, teaching, and — most of all — baking bread.