Janet found her excitement for wine while scrambling around in the dirt at Iron Horse Vineyards in Sonoma County, where the head winemaker took a few friends on an off-roading adventure through the vineyards. His enthusiasm and the way he told his stories sent her down the path she’s been traveling ever since — in love with the history, the invention, the resourcefulness and creativity, and most of all the idea that every bottle started out as an idea that someone had of something that they genuinely wanted to make.

A Certified Sommelier, Janet holds an advanced certification through Wine and Spirits Education Trust. She brings more than a decade of teaching experience to the classroom, and has a passion for making wine education fun and accessible — she believes wine is more grocery than luxury, and that it doesn’t have to break the bank to be thoroughly enjoyable. She is continually exploring and developing new and engaging ways for people of all interest levels to learn about and enjoy wine.