Heather Newton

Heather Newton was a little bit late getting into food, but quickly made up for lost time. She grew up in a small mountain town in Arizona where the only restaurants were chain restaurants, in a family where nobody was all that great of a cook (sorry Mom!). It wasn’t until she was a busy pre-law student at UW that she began to notice that everything she enjoyed doing revolved around eating and gathering with others.

After leaving UW for the Seattle Culinary Academy, Heather found her way to the pastry department at Canlis. Since then she’s worked in kitchens all over the city, including Sea Wolf, Rupee, Manolin, Rainier Club, and Le Painier. At the Pantry she’s found a place where the chefs host the gatherings, instead of hiding away in the kitchen, and she’s thrilled to be our Pastry Chef. When she’s not in the Pantry’s kitchens you can find her at home spoiling her cat or working in the yard with her bees.

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