Brian Medford hails from the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina. Growing up, he spent endless hours on his grandparent’s farm snapping beans, baking biscuits, and helping churn fresh peach ice cream. He stayed true to his mountain roots and completed a graduate degree in organizational development in Cullowhee, NC before moving to Seattle. Brian is a home-taught cook who deepened his love of baking while apprenticing with pastry chef Rachael Coyle, owner of Coyle’s Bakeshop.

Brian delights in the beauty of traditional mountain foodways and the cleverness of Southern cooks who make something glorious out of nothing. Through his baking project, IDLEWILD BISCUITS AND BAKES and here at The Pantry, Brian shares time-honored techniques for the home cook. Don’t be surprised if Brian references Cheerwine, sorghum, honeybuns, or chowchow during class — we’re not always sure what he’s talking about either, but it sure sounds good.