We are so excited to host you in our upcoming class! One week before class we will email everyone the complete shopping list and then a few days before class we will email the detailed recipe packet and a Zoom link. Until then, below is a list of ingredients and equipment that you’ll need.

Wine List:
1 bottle Castell De La Comanda, Cava Brut
1 bottle Domaine Victor Sornin, Beaujolais-Villages Vin Naturel, 2019
1 bottle J.C. Gutiérrez Colosía, Colosía Cream Sherry

Alternative wines:
If you are not in Seattle, or can’t make it to the Pantry to pick up a wine tasting pack, I recommend seeking out these other delicious alternatives:

Wine: Cava
Style: Sparkling, dry
Alternative: Champagne, Cremant, Prosecco, Lambrusco

Wine: Beaujolais/Gamay
Style: Dry, still, low tannin red wine
Alternative: Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, Syrah, Cabernet Franc, Negroamaro, Grenache, Valpolicella, Côtes du Rhône, Carignan, Barbera, Lambrusco

Wine: Cream Sherry
Style: Sweet Dessert wine
Alternative: PX Sherry, Tawny Port, Malmsey and Boal Madeira, Braquetto D’Acqui, Ice wine, Moscato d’Asti, Late Harvest Riesling, Sauternes, Banyuls, Sweet Lambrusco Salamino

If you are unable to find wine from these regions, just grab a glass of your favorite and you can still follow along and plan to explore some of these wines when you are able to seek them out.

Food Pairing Shopping List:


cream cheese
heavy cream
cheddar cheese (something like Beecher’s Flagship)

Dry Goods / Pantry:
flour (any kind will do!)
frozen puff pastry
whole-berry cranberry sauce (homemade or store bought)
sweetened, spiced pecans
pumpkin puree (not pumpkin pie filling)
brown sugar
vanilla extract
Whipped cream for topping (optional, for topping the puffs)
A bit of cooking spray

good quality sliced turkey (like Diestel)

pumpkin pie spice
kosher salt

Additional food pairing suggestions (optional):
Mixed nuts, olives, hard cheeses, potato chips, cured meat

Equipment List:
Knife to cut puff pastry, brie and turkey
Cutting board
2 tartlet or small muffin tins
Stand or hand mixer for pumpkin mixture
Bowl for pumpkin mixture
Selection of spoons
Plate to hold your puffs
3 x wine glasses
Wine key
Water to drink