We are so excited to host you in our upcoming class! One week before class we will email everyone the complete shopping list and then a few days before class we will email the detailed recipe packet and a Zoom link. Until then, below is a list of ingredients and equipment that you’ll need.

On the menu:
Vietnamese pork bao with mushrooms, Chinese sausage, and scallions
Sweet black sesame bao

Shopping List:

green onion

Dry Goods / Pantry:
powdered sugar
baking powder
dry active yeast
vegetable oil
white vinegar
medium gluten flour
dried woodear mushroom
water chestnuts
oyster sauce
fish sauce
black sesame seeds
freshly ground black pepper
kosher salt

ground pork
quail eggs
Chinese sausage

Equipment List:
Knife and cutting board
Measuring cups and spoons
Bamboo steamers and pot that fits steamer baskets
Rolling pin
2 large mixing bowls
1 medium mixing bowl
1 small mixing bowl
Small pot
Small pan
Blender, food processor, or mortar and pestle
Rubber spatula
Plastic wrap

Grocery Shopping Resources:
Mekong Rainier
Seattle – 3400 Rainier Ave S., Seattle WA 98144

Viet Wah – retail
International district – 1032 S Jackson St, Seattle
MLK – 6040 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Seattle

International District – 600 5th Avenue South
Bellevue – 699 120th Ave NE

HT Oaktree Market
Greenwood – 10008 Aurora Ave N, Seattle WA

Asian Food Center
Bellevue – 14509 NE 20th St. Next to the Goodwill off 148th