We are so excited to host you in our upcoming class! One week before class we will email everyone the complete shopping list and then a few days before class we will email the detailed recipe packet and a Zoom link. Until then, below is a list of ingredients and equipment that you’ll need.

On the menu:
Preserved lemons with pink peppercorns
Confited Kumquats with sugar and vanilla
Lime Yuzukoshō (Japanese fermented relish with citrus and chilis)
Meyer lemon curd

Shopping List:

organic lemons
Meyer lemons
mandarin orange
orange (any variety of your choice)
1-2 medium green chilis  (thai chilis, green serrano chilis, or green jalapenos chiles depending on your spice level)

unsalted butter

Dry Goods / Pantry:
granulated sugar
mild honey (like clover or wildflower)
vanilla extract
vanilla bean (optional if hard to find)
kosher salt
fine sea salt

pink peppercorns


Equipment List:
Sharp Knife
Cutting Board
Various Spoons
Medium bowl that will fit comfortably over a saucepan (for a double boiler)
Small food processor (mini/baby food processor is perfect if you have one) or mortar and pestle
Rubber scraper
Mesh strainer
Wooden muddler or wooden spoon
Citrus juicer (can just use a fork if you don’t have one)
Microplane (optional)
Parchment paper (optional)
Quart size mason jar for preserved lemons
Quarter pint (4 oz) size mason jar for yuzukoshō
Pint size mason jar for curd
Pint size mason jar for candied kumquats


Grocery Stores:
For locating Winter citrus, I recommend these grocery stores (if you are local to Seattle). For something more universal Trader Joes has a very decent citrus selection including Cara Cara, blood oranges, and Meyer lemons.

PCC Markets
Various locations in Seattle including the East side

Ballard Market
Seattle – 1400 NW 56th Street

Central Market
Shoreline – 15505 Westminster Way N