We are so excited to host you in our upcoming class! One week before class we will email everyone the complete shopping list and then a few days before class we will email the detailed recipe packet and a Zoom link. Until then, below is a list of ingredients and equipment that you’ll need.

On the menu:
Malted Chocolate Fudge
Cranberry Pistachio Toffee
Buttermilk Pecan Pralines

Shopping List:
unsalted butter
sweetened condensed milk

Dry Goods / Pantry:
granulated sugar
brown sugar
baking soda
malted milk powder (can be found with the hot chocolate in most supermarkets)
light corn syrup
bourbon (optional)
vanilla extract
bittersweet or semisweet chocolate (bar form is preferred)
unsweetened chocolate (the brand Baker’s is a good option for unsweetened chocolate – can be found in the baking aisle of most supermarkets)
pecan pieces
shelled pistachios
dried cranberries
Pan spray OR neutral oil (for greasing parchment paper and utensils)
kosher salt

Equipment List:
Digital thermometer OR candy thermometer (required)
Sheet tray or two if you have more than one
8×8-inch baking pan
2 medium or large saucepans – 4 quart is a good size
Heat-safe bowl to make a bain marie OR a double boiler
Pastry brush
Cup for water (coffee mug works well)
Wax paper OR parchment paper
Wooden spoon
Silicone spatula
Chef’s knife
Cutting board
Measuring cups and spoons
Electric hand mixer

Optional Equipment – not necessary but handy if available:
Aluminum foil
Silicone baking mat
Offset spatula
Nonreactive metal spoon like a soup spoon