To Go: Mediterranean Feast – October

Tonight we do the cooking! On the menu: all of NEIL DUNCANSON‘s favorite dishes from the Mediterranean. Each ticket is for 2 generous servings, packaged family-style, ready to be picked up between 5-6:30pm.

Green yoghurt-braised lamb shoulder with fresh herbs

Spicy braised chickpeas with tomato, feta, and kale

Charred lettuces with anchovy garlic dressing, parmesan, and torn black pepper croutons

Roasted eggplant with whipped garlic sauce, hot pepper relish, and grilled bread

Honey olive oil cake with pistachios and orange whipped cream

The meal can be made vegetarian by replacing the braised lamb with grilled portobello mushrooms. If you would like a vegetarian meal, please select that option when you register.

We’re now licensed to sell wine, so you can purchase a bottle of red, white, or rosé to go with your dinner when you pick up your meal!


All classes are listed in Pacific Daylight Time.