Pie Therapy: Fall Pies – November

What the world needs is more pie and Brian Medford will teach you how to make it happen. This in-depth and intensive workshop will explore the steps of pie making highlighting the produce of autumn, what we like to think of as the unofficial pie season. You’ll learn techniques for achieving flakey dough, rolling and shaping crusts, proper baking and troubleshooting common pie problems. Brian will bake butterscotch pumpkin pie and salted honey pie, and you’ll choose which one you’d like to make in your own kitchen!

This is a live, hands-on cooking class held in your kitchen via Zoom. Class is meant to be as interactive as it would be at our table, with the instructor teaching you how to prepare each recipe. Each class ticket is for one kitchen, and we welcome group cooking on the same screen. All recipes are designed for four servings.


All classes are listed in Pacific Daylight Time.