Chinese Hand-Pulled Noodles – December

China is the birthplace of noodles, and pulling them by hand was the traditional way before machines arrived. Biangbiang mian are wide, hand-pulled noodles that are an approachable way of making hand pulled noodles at home. Practice makes perfect, and Michelle Nguyen will get you started in this workshop! On the menu: Biang Biang-style hand-pulled noodles with pork, summer greens, chickpeas, and chili oil in a savory broth.

This is a live, hands-on cooking class held in your kitchen via Zoom. Class is meant to be as interactive as it would be at our table, with the instructor teaching you how to prepare each recipe. Each class ticket is for one kitchen, and we welcome group cooking on the same screen. All recipes are designed for four servings.


All events are listed in Pacific Time.