Online Class FAQ’s

We often get questions about how our classes run and what to expect before and during class. See below for some of the most common questions!

How do I sign up for a class?

You can sign up for a class by going to our class calendar! Once you find a topic that interests you just click on the name of the class and it will take you to the description. Towards the bottom of the page you can select how many tickets, ingredient kits and wine pairings you want to include in your purchase.

I signed up for class but haven’t gotten a confirmation email! What should I do?

We recommend that you check your junk mail first. Often our emails are found hiding there! If you still can’t find your confirmation email us at [email protected] and we’ll resend it to you.

What prep do I need to do for class?

All prep will be listed on the Class Packet that we send you 3 days prior to class. Most classes will take 30 minutes to an hour of prep time before class. There are a few classes that may require you to complete a task the day beforehand, so make sure to read the prep list when you receive it. You will also want to download Zoom and be sure you can sign in before you join the class.

To make it super easy for yourself during class we recommend separating all of your measured ingredients per recipe. If you have a few baking sheets you can gather each recipe’s set of ingredients on it’s own tray. That way you can grab each tray as we go through class!

The recipe packet says that it takes a long time for this to cook. Do I need to start cooking it before class?

Nope! The only things you need to do before class will be list in the “Prep” section at the top of the Class Packet. Anything else listed in the recipes will be done during class.

Is a ticket for a person or a screen?

Each ticket is for one screen. We often refer to this as “one household” which means anyone that is hanging out with you at home can cook along too! If you are wanting to take a socially distanced class with your friends or family you’ll need to purchase one spot for each household.

Why are classes sold out if they’re being held online?

Building community is at the heart of what we do at the Pantry. With that in mind, we try to keep our classes dinner party sized so that you can share your experience in a meaningful way, even if it’s over the internet. This also allows the instructor to be available for advice and questions as you cook and let’s you get the most out of class. 

Where can I find the Zoom link?

We will email you the Zoom link three days before your class! If you haven’t received it, please email us at [email protected] and we will make sure you get it. Please be sure to check your junk mail if you haven’t received a confirmation email  or an email related to class. If you still don’t find the emails, let us know so we can find a way to get the information to you!

When will you send out the shopping list for class?

We will email you the Shopping List for class seven days beforehand. If you don’t receive it, please let us know! It might have made it’s way to your junk mail, so please be sure to check that too if you haven’t received a confirmation email  or an email related to class. If you still don’t find the emails, let us know so we can find a way to get the information to you!

Can I make substitutions in the recipes?

Of course! While we can’t make substitutions in our Ingredient Kits, you can certainly make substitutions where needed. Often the chef can help during class for simple substitutions but if you have questions about a specific class please contact us and we will do our best to find an answer.

How can I buy a class as a gift? 

You can go about this in a few different ways. If there is a specific date of class that you want to gift someone you can buy a spot in class and be sure to enter their name and email address in the “Attendee” fields when checking out. If you don’t have a specific date in mind then we recommend you purchase a Gift Certificate instead! Our classes are generally $75 per household and if you want to gift an Ingredient Kit to go with the class those tend to run from $40-70 each.

Will the recipient get notified when I buy a class as a gift? 

They will not get notified when you purchase the class for them. We recommend that you send them a note when you are ready to give the class to them! They will receive the Shopping List one week before class and Class Packet three days before class if you put their email address in the “Attendee” field when checking out. If you think you may not have done this, just send us an email and we can fix it for you!

Do you offer private classes?

We do! We offer private classes for all sorts of situations. Want to celebrate a birthday or other milestone with family and friends located across the country? You can! Want to spend your work party cooking together? You can! Just send us an email at [email protected] and we can start the process of finding the perfect fit for your event.

Will the online class have closed captioning?

While closed captioning is not available for every class, if you need accommodations for accessibility just let us know. Our Class Moderator will enter all recipe ingredients and instructions in the Zoom chat box as we go through class, so we recommend that you keep that open to see what step we are working on.

Ingredient Kits

What do you get in an Ingredient Kit?

Each ingredient kit comes with all of the necessary ingredients for your class, all measured out and (mostly) ready to use. There are a few exceptions, so be sure to read the Class Packet prep list to know if there is additional prep needed for your kit. All of our Ingredient Kits are designed for 4-servings.

Can I buy an ingredient kit if I already purchased the class?

Yes! Just make your way to the date of class you are registered for already and you will be able to buy the ingredient kit alone. Ingredient Kits are available until two days before class. Please note that buying an ingredient kit without buying a spot in class will not hold a spot in class for you!

Do you offer vegetarian/gluten free options/kits?

At this time we are unable to offer vegetarian options for our classes. Some of our classes are designed to be vegetarian and there are others that you can certainly substitute items for to make it meet your needs. Since we are not a certified gluten free kitchen we don’t want to compromise anyone’s health by offering a gluten free option for our ingredient kits. If you have questions regarding a specific class, please contact us and we will do our best to find an answer.

Can someone else pick up my ingredient kit? 

Yes they can! Just be sure that they use your name to pick up the ingredient kit. Also, if the kit contains alcohol for a recipe in class the person picking up the kit will need to be over the age of 21. Please be sure they are ready to show ID if you are sending someone else!

When do I pick up my ingredient kit? 

All Ingredient Kits are ready the day before class and can be picked up in our garden from 11am-6pm. We are located at 1417 NW 70th Street in Seattle and are just around the corner from Delancey. There is neighborhood street parking in the surrounding blocks. Please try to be respectful of our neighbors and avoid turning around in their driveways while looking for parking. Look for our sidewalk sign that points to our garden! Feel free to call 206.436.1064 if you have any trouble finding us.