To Go: Contemporary Asian Comfort Food

To Go: Contemporary Asian Comfort Food

Tonight we do the cooking! On the menu: all of Becky Selengut's favorite Contemporary Asian Comfort Food. Each ticket is for 2 to 3 servings, packaged family-style, ready to be picked up between 5-7pm.

Dan Dan noodles with pork, shiitakes, and mustard greens

Coriander and black garlic crispy fried chicken wings with sweet chile sauce

Charred green beans and cabbage with black sesame-roasted cashews

Roasted eggplant with soy caramel glaze

Shiso-infused cucumber and radish pickle

Spicy chile oil with roasted peanuts

The meal cannot be made vegetarian.

We're now licensed to sell wine, so you can purchase a bottle of red, white, or rosé to go with your dinner when you pick up your meal!

If you are interested in donating a meal: Please purchase any meal as normal and enter DONATION as the recipient. We will turn it into two meals for those in need!

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