Family Dinner: New England Crab Supper

Family Dinner: New England Crab Supper

Join us at our table for our monthly family-style dinner parties! We hit the farmer’s market, collect what’s beautiful that week, and create a delicious meal for you. One long seating means there’s time to slow down and make some new friends over multiple courses, all accompanied by local wines. This month we're covering the table with newspaper and celebrating the new year with a New England Crab Supper:

Black pepper cheddar muffins
Pork, apple, and sage meatballs with cranberry glaze
Cider-glazed pumpkin and creamed kale on toast

Brown butter celery root soup
Pickled celery, parsley pistou, and Boston brown bread croutons

Cracked Dungeness crab
Roasted fingerling potatoes with sea salt and housemade beer vinegar
Drawn butter, homemade cocktail sauce, and spicy aioli for dipping

Butter lettuce salad with parmesan peppercorn dressing

Honey mousse trifle
Graham cracker cake and salty molasses candied walnuts

While most of our dinners can accommodate vegetarians and pescatarians, please check in right after you've purchased your tickets so that we can confirm the option and make a note for the chefs.

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This event is sold out! Join the Waitlist
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