Kim Cozzetto Maynard

Kim Cozzetto Maynard grew up in an Italian family that loved food, where every celebration involved a great home-cooked meal. She left the Northwest for college, but after a lengthy detour into law school and several years of law practice, she came home to enroll at the Seattle Culinary Academy, where she won an “Outstanding Student” award for exceptional performance in the kitchen and the classroom.

Now, after tours of duty in the kitchens of a couple of Seattle’s better restaurants, she’s found a more direct way of sharing her enthusiasm for delicious food, as an in-house chef and instructor at The Pantry. She’s particularly fond of the flavors of the Middle East, the Mediterranean and Southeast Asia, but above all she’s driven by a desire to demystify the cooking process for others, and to help everyone learn what she learned at a young age: that delicious food, made from scratch, can be an everyday habit.