KC Vessey

KC Vessey can’t even remember a time when it wasn’t all about the food. Growing up in Sonoma County, California, she saw her neighbors’ gardens grow high and produce bountiful harvest dinners full of laughter and flavor. While pursuing her degree in Public Affairs at Seattle University, she threatened multiple times to drop out and open a bakery, but settled for starting a small vegan baking business (and graduating at the top of her class — the cakes baked for professors certainly had nothing to do with that). After graduating, she worked with the Seattle Chefs Collaborative, Oxfam America, and the Flagship Foundation to explore the correlations between poverty, the environment, and agricultural sustainability. KC worked as a bartender in local restaurants and spent time as a wedding planner before finding her way to the Pantry. Here she manages our private events, ties up loose ends, and eats all the leftovers.