Eric Teachout

Eric Teachout was bitten by the culinary bug at a very young age. He watched cooking shows instead of cartoons, and enjoyed going to the store with his mom to select ingredients for dinner. He was eager to register for every culinary class he could throughout middle and high school, and didn’t skip a beat enrolling in the Culinary Arts Program at South Seattle College. During his two years there, his enthusiasm and blooming abilities earned him a spot on the competition team and allowed him to take part in immersive international internships.

In Italy, Eric absorbed the rich culinary history and classical cuisine of Tuscany, and honed the resolve and fortitude needed to thrive in the fast-paced Michelin-starred kitchen at Chateau de La Chevre d’Or in Eze, France. After culinary school Eric explored the Seattle restaurant scene, most notably working his way up at Terra Plata under Chef Tamara Murphy.

After several years of restaurant life he realized that what he most valued was the freedom and creativity of cooking, which led him to embark on his own ventures that include private chef work, a meal delivery service, and catering. Teaching was the last piece of the puzzle, and he now shines while sharing his love of cooking with others.